The MU Legend team also has revealed its decide to MU Legend Zen deliberately strain the integrity of component of its game-server infrastructure (Americas). All available users are already invited to participate in a stress test, beneath the hashtag "#Breakourserver", suitable for September 23rd.

Dennis Czybulka commented: “To satisfy our strong would like to offer the most optimized game experience, we're also willingly stressing one percentage of our server system, jamming its capabilities to acheive precious technical data ahead of the OBT release".

WEBZEN's COO continued: "We cannot adequately test all worst-case scenarios virtually, therefore we will need the cooperation of our own fans to push our server to breaking point."

Another important little bit of information also accompanies the strain test announcement: The client that's now available around the new MU Legend website is a beginning download in the game that'll be updated to the OBT release. Users are able to download the sport a month and a half prior to the OBT release date. And you can get MU Legend Zen from our site