After a period of silence today, SoulWorker international version has suddenly launched the Open Beta version on 26/2 last ...

As previously announced, SoulWorker will be released for free on the homepage and Steam.

The international version of SoulWorker does not own the English dubbing, which maintains the entire Korean dialogue and is translated into subtitling in English, French, German and Spanish. , Polish and Italian.

These are also the areas where SoulWorker puts servers, however, these clusters will operate completely independently, but will also support connectivity to Buy SoulWorker Dzenai neighboring countries.

The game will feature four classes of characters, including: Soulum Sword, Mist Scythe, Gun Jazz, and Howling Guitar. There are over 100 PvE screens, along with "District 6" Maps - a map dedicated to free PvP, where players can compete against each other or participate in battle with the machine, or try out. Challenging with the "Last Boss" challenge located in the center of the map.

SoulWorker is an online role-playing game developed by Korea's Lion Games. The game features a Japanese-style character similar to Closers Online (a well-known Korean online game), while the game features bold, strong. What's more, MMOAH pledge to sell cheap SoulWorker Dzenai to gamers from around the world.