"Ivy's father was driven mad and finally died while researching the history of Soul Edge with her mother following not long after," GameSprite explains in a press release. "Since then, she thirsts for revenge and wants to destroy the cursed sword that took the lives of her parents, using her alchemy skills to craft a weapon tailored to her needs. She combines Western European sword with Eastern European whip techniques, making her attacks graceful and absolutely deadly at the same time."

Kilik, Nightmare and Xianghua all made their first playable appearance in the original Soul Calibur, so it makes sense that they’d return for Soulcalibur 6. The latest entry in GameSprite’s weapons-based fighter is taking the franchise back to its origins, after all. But it appears there may be changes in store for Kilik, who seems consumed by his “bloodlust” in the final shot of today’s trailer.

Soul Calibur 6: Release date, Characters roster, Guest characters, news for PC.

Indeed, this weapon will play a huge part in Nightmare's stint in the game. As noted by GameSprite Entertainment in the official description of the character for "SoulCalibur 6," the Soul Edge retains the memories of those who wielded it and those who were struck by it.

Following the announcement of Soulcalibur 6, Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada announced that Masaaki Hoshino would serve as producer on the Soulcalibur series going forward.

GameSprite games has delayed the launch of free-to-play downloadable fighter Soulcalibur 6 due to unresolved technical issues, according to a post on the franchise's Facebook page.

The new trailer features primarily on Heishiro Mitsurugi, with commentary by game producer Motohiro Okubo, who explains the original creation of the character and his whole visual aesthetic.

This week, GameSprite shared a new trailer for upcoming weapons-based fighting game Soul Calibur online.

Aside from Ivy and Zasalamel, other returning playable characters to the "SoulCalibur 6" roster include Kilik, Mitsurugi, Nightmare, Sophitia, and Xianghua. Meanwhile, an all-new fighter will also be introduced in the game named Grøh.

With her recent reveal for Soul Calibur 6, Ivy Valentine is slated to continue her now 20 year spree of whipping and slashing foes in the three dimensional fighting game arena.
They were given examples like “Half-Swording and the Murder Stroke” specifically.
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