Violite weapons are wonderful Closers Credits swords, known because of their powerful ground-attack damage. Natural technology "beyond" may make huge gains in damage and attack speed in the short period of time. Through the continuous casting of skills, the "surpassing" status is resident, testing the ball player's skill and timing.

After as a possible elite agent, Violitt will get four specialization skills: "Beyond: Self-dissociation" specializes in strengthening physical capabilities, calling out another self inside the moment of attack, and summoning the sum to cause harm independently; "EX "Floating mobs" causes continuous injury to enemies before them. The combo skill key can focus the injured enemies about the front to obtain a powerful control effect. The "EX Double Impact" Greatsword Spurs release shock waves and necessitates loyal secretary- Hyde harms the enemy facing him synchronously. At the end in the finale was "Must Kill: The Supreme Cross". Violitis concentrated all his strength and released a deadly blow that caused secondary destruction of all Cheap Closers Credits enemies inside the area.