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  • trading forex error?


    Hi All,

    Due to a new law in Belgium, trading Forex,CFD and Binary Options is no more allowed. Brokers such as AXITraders have already started closing the accounts for Belgian Customers ( I received their mail this morning for this ). Belgium is the first European country to take such a drastic step.

    While asking for suggestions from this community some people suggested opening a offshore company to continue trading forex. I did some very limited research on this and am getting a feeling that there are lots of players in this market offering services to open such companies. However, I also read that this market is also full of scamsters.

    So I would like to hear from people who have first hand experience of going this way ( opening offshore companies ) about how did they setup the entire structure and also would like to get some recommendation on the service providers.

    Also , I am not looking for avoiding Taxes but to make sure that I can continue trading forex ( signals and also manual ) in a LEGAL way.

    Thank you

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