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    China's top-tier basketball league kicked off its 20th season on Saturday with the opening game seeing reigning champions the Beijing Ducks edge the eight-time Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) champions the Guangdong South China Tigers 103-89 in Beijing.

    But outside the MasterCard Center Authentic Scottie Upshall Jersey , things got more interesting, not to mention somewhat immature, on the part of the CBA.

    Until at least 30 minutes after the game concluded, the CBA's official website showed the -final score of the match at 103-57. But this is minor compared to another incident the same day.

    The Shanghai Sharks were stunned. Not only by their opponents the Zhejiang Gold Bulls, but, more importantly, by the governing body. The incident involved center player Wu Guanxi, who was signed by the Sharks in the summer and played for Shanghai in their preseason games.

    But just ahead of the Sharks' season-opener, the CBA ruled Wu ineligible to play, saying Shanghai failed to file the correct registration documents. The question is, if Wu really lacks the correct documentation, why did the CBA -allow him to play in the preseason games?

    In October, the Jiangsu Dragons played a preseason game against the Jilin Northeast Tigers with the two teams both in white shirts. The CBA gave Jilin a technical foul ahead of the match, before drawing a line under the affair.

    What's more, the quality of the preseason matches has also raised concerns. Many fans have argued that many players are still to find their range in the regular season, regarding the preseason as just a warm-up and not genuine matches.

    The fans have voted with their feet: A stadium with a capacity of almost 10,000 may see a paltry 500 fans watching a preseason game in October.

    Plagued by the recent underperforming of the Chinese national basketball team, the governing body is often under fire. But it seems the CBA would still prefer to pile on the misery.
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    Scope for Makeup Artists in India

    There was a time when makeup wasn’t be considered an ideal job for aspirants. But, not now. It has become a recession-proof profession for the youths with higher growth potential. Marriages, fashion shows, parties, and people will love to look the best wherever they go out of their homes. Hence, there is an increasing scope for a makeup artist in the market.

    A makeup artist can get a job in the following points:

    Retail outlets of cosmetic brands and products
    Spa and beauty shops
    Makeup artist in theatre and movies
    Work as a freelancer
    Open your makeup artist points
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