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technology of man-made board

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  • technology of man-made board

    board and its goods releases set limit to " carry out, complete 2002 new technology of man-made board industry and new product promotion show the country communication can be wpc load bearing acid and alkaline resistant held in Guangzhou. Conference key delibrate man-made board product is practical and new-style, ability changes, energy-saving fall bad news and green environmental protection, use integratedly develop with new product, vicissitude of the market and development direction, pointed out the problem that non fading privacy fence style faces currently and the application that solve the way of the problem and train of thought and new product and technology are developed, the current situation that sums up Guangdong lumber industry and position reach the fine in looking into board the development foreground of equipment, the conference communicates for both sides of expert guiding, supply and demand and discuss built bridge.anti-static composite decking Krai Come from more than 20 province city of countrywide the enterprise of close a hunderd schools of man-made board industry attended the meeting. This the conference is seek information of new technology, new product, hunting industry development offerred new thinking, use a field in technical product a lot of enterprises reached multinomial product to clinch a deal plastic mat load capacity contract and