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  • the progress that beaverboard

    whole world to produce the biggest country. In recent years, the progress that beaverboard of the density in our country produces, advance rapidly. 2000-2002 year, manufacturer Outdoor Deck Bench Plans home already increased 313 by 207, product line increases 396 by 242, year productivity increases thirteen million six hundred and eighteen thousand stere by 6.395 million stere. Year of average growth rate that comes nearly 3 years be as high as 46% , grew 72% than 2001 2002. World grain farming organization (FAO) statistical data makes clear, since 2000, density beaverboard crop resides the world formerly how much fundermax wall cladding cost in the first United States, wander in 250-320 all the time 10 thousand stere; And our country already amounted to 5.14 million stere to 2000, was 5.7 million stere 2001, already exceeded the United States, beaverboard of the density in making the whole world produces the biggest country. 2,Deck Flooring Solutions For Backyard in distribution of density beaverboard production appears east heavy on the west light pattern. Shandong province is beaverboard of the density in our country produces the biggest province, up to June 2002, already built 73 product line, year design productivity achieves 2.285 million stere, grow than parting 2001 46% with 63% .wholesale porch railings and post Guangxi obtained the result that your person