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Floor dealers each sell 1 square meters

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  • Floor dealers each sell 1 square meters

    like a floor brand distributor,floor tiles prices vietnam memorial sells floors more than 100,000 square meters per year, dealers still can't make money. Brand name is not small, compared with the competitors, their products are more cost-effective, why can not earn money? Floor dealers each sell 1 square meters floor about 40-50 yuan profit,wire garden fencing lowes so count 400-500 a year The 10,000 yuan account seems to be doing well, but the brand has 8 stores in Beijing, and the annual
    rental expenditure is as high as 3.5 million yuan,no maintance farm fencing plus staff salaries, utility bills, management fees and other expenses, and in the end it is possible to have a meager profit. . This case reflects the embarrassing situation currently faced by tens of thousands of domestic floor wood panel wall price The strength of the dealer is still the case, the general situation of small and medium-sized dealers is even more worrying. The support of manufacturers
    often becomes an important factor in the survivability of dealer stores.composite sidings green architecture concept One of the dealers most in need of manufacturer support is the sales policy, the second is the propaganda input, and the third is the promotion method. Some dealers believe that companies do not meet their requirements in terms of support,best tongue and groove bullnose floor and at least do not achieve the desired results. The increase in expensive rents and employee treatment has increased pressure on