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    northeast, Shenyang is currently growing in terms of economy, culture, and people��s living standards and spending power on household items. With the advent of 2008, China��s domestic economic boom once again lifted the industry��s development to a new height. The household industry in Liaoshen and even the northeast region has experienced rapid development.vinyl fence on concrete The flooring industry has also experienced three years of time. Education and development have achieved a lot in the industry. This time, the exhibition area of
    ??Shenyang GeoExpo in 2008 was nearly 20,000 square meters, which was 50% larger than that of the previous exhibition, and the number of participating companies has also increased to cover cement block walls in basement At present, it has reached more than 130, and it has now become a successor to Shanghai. The second largest floor trade show in China after the International Expo. Therefore, it is expected that in 2008, we will continue to see great room for the development of the flooring industry and industries in Liaoning Province and
    even in the Northeast China.outdoor blinds for porches in singapore The theme of this year��s Expo is ��Integrity, Innovation, Cooperation and Development��. It is not merely a form of word meaning annotation. Instead, this kind of exhibition is deeply involved in the flooring industry. ��Integrity�� should be said to be a constant change. The topic, if the industry, the enterprise does not have the good faith, then facing it will only have a way of no return. This year is also the 'Credit Year' initiated by the China Forest Products Industry Association Credit Development Foundation