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    Jiugutang, Jian-Ling, Jingtai, the Millennium, Tonggui, Xinhua Chang Xin, Yap, Zhu Tao. Opinion: Xu Wen, senior engineer of National Artificial Board Inspection Center, said in his speech that wood En flooring is a relatively mature industry.decking alternatives for covered porch All the shortlisted brands are up to standard in insp Ection. Some enterprises often come to us for inspection. So these businesses should be reassuring to consumers. Changzhou Evening News last year and all the way the price of wooden flooring bullish compared to the moment the flooring market is quite
    calm. Many businesses said that in the first half of this year, the market sales will drop nearly 20% over last year. At present, the flooring market prices of African materials generally dropped by 10 to 20 yuan square meter, which also affects the solid wood flooring on all sides of the nerve. African materials,cheapest aluminium composite panel prices the first decline in the price of solid wood flooring Since the Reports in the Red Star Macalline International Plaza, Hutang Decoration City stores learned that in nature, Chong Xin, Fulin and other brands of solid wood Flooring, related to the
    material prices in Africa have been reduced by 10 to 20 yuan square Meter. For example,mako decking roller kit the price of floor bean based on bean discounts dropped from about RMB255 sq.m to RMB230 Nd RMB240 sq.q., with New York Bean as the raw material floor price from RMB230 sq.m Rice, down to now 210 yuan ~ 220 yuan square meter. This price, almost and Changzhou native brand of African wood flooring Prices. The price cuts this time also affects the solid wood flooring market, the fragile nerve. According to insiders, at present,