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    South American raw materials and Indonesian wood Shortage. 'Yang said that since 2006, the domestic flooring market began to Extensive use of affordable Part of the solid wood floor to go 'light' route, some manufacturers are Starting the transformation route Wooden flooring based on light-colored logs such as solid wood flooring high prices,planter waterproof liner in recent years many consumers turn to buy affordable laminate flooring, laminate flooring. With the change of concept of household consumption, many consumers gradually abandon
    slightly heavy solid wood floor. As maple, birch, ash, and oak have attracted many young people with a crisp style. Zhejiang Chong Xin flooring, f Loor Changzhou Fulin dealers have said that now dominated by the light-color floor accounted for 40% of its sales. (Talk About the book source Sun Lin Ma Jing) As the African teak luster, apartment patio opens onto parking lot no special smell, the structure is very small and uniform, high durability, easy to decay and pests, but also high strength and various mechanical indicators, is very suitable for the production of the
    floor. Depend on the ' Teak' of the 'scenery' and its own good material properties and higher cost, African teak wood flooring more and more flooring manufacturer attention, in the promotion of many flooring businesses, the African teak flooring Gradually began to be recognized by consumers,agrifiber board supplier accept and Like. Although this year's flooring market is not very satisfactory, but the African teak flooring is still maintained a certain amount of shipments. In this case, the market demand for African teak floor billets is wise large. The second