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    FreshForex has been operating on Forex since 2004 and now it is one of the leading companies of internet trading market. Our company continues to grow, improve trading conditions, offer new popular trading instruments and take care of each client. All this contributes to the rapid development and brand awareness in the traders community.
    FreshForex is the winner of many international awards, including Best Asian Broker (Shanghai Forex Expo) and Best Trading Experience (FxDailyInfo).
    FreshForex provides a whole range of services for trading on Forex:
    • Access to financial markets;
    • Daily market analytics on the major currencies and the most popular trading instruments including Bitcoin;
    • Fast and secure financial operations;
    • The most popular trading platforms MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5;
    • Different account types, including professional ECN accounts;
    • No leverage decrease on ECN accounts over the weekend;
    • FIX protocol for institutional clients, brokers and professional traders;
    • Special VIP program for online trading;
    • Flexible and robust currency risk hedging mechanism — Smart Bridge Technology (SBT);
    • Free webinars and trading fundamentals training in simple words.

    You will find bellow fast facts and figures that will help you to make a choice in favor of FreshForex:
    over 13 years we have been successfully working on market and have helped traders on Forex

    2 minutes is the best time of funds withdrawal in our company

    $0 — we don't have deposit commissions by any means

    >135 trading instruments, including metals, oil and cfds on indexes

    0,01 seconds is the fastest trading execution on ECN accounts on the market

    101% is additional tradable bonus on each deposit
    48% per annum we credit on free funds every week
    100% of spread we rebate from each lot traded
    $20 from lot — that is the best partner program offer on the market
    24/5 — working hours of customer service
    See all information and updates on website.

    Join successful Forex broker — open account with FreshForex!

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    FreshForex Website and Client Area become safer

    Dear traders,

    For us safety of traders is of the utmost importance, for this reason we constantly introduce new modern means of data protection.

    Your personal information is safe

    We would like to remind you that FreshForex website and Client Area use SSL certificate. That means all the personal data that you enter on the website or in the Client Area is transferred from your browser to company's server via secure connection, so nobody can steal this information.

    We've optimized password change in Client Area

    Many clients pointed out that password change in Client Area is inconvenient, so we found solution!

    Now system won't request password change, if total balance of all the trading accounts of the client (including accounts in archive) is less than $10 or from the moment of the last password change have passed less than 180 days.

    If you don't remember your old password, click on "Forgot password?" button to change the password. After password change you will be automatically redirected to the page you wanted to visit initially.

    You don't need to enter captcha, when signing in

    As you noticed, several months ago we added captcha to the sign-in page of the Client Area to protect the website from DDOS attacks. During such attacks many non existent users try to access Client Area simultaneously, as a result real traders cannot get access to Client Area.

    Now we use special mechanisms to protect the website, so you won't have to enter captcha every time you sign in.

    Our website remains safe, and now it's more convenient in use! Thank you for choosing us!

    Volatile market: Nonfarm Payrolls release

    Dear traders,

    On April 6th at 12.30 noon GMT March Nonfarm Payrolls is to be released. This report shows changes in number of people employed in USA nonfarm sector. Total number of people employed in this sector is about 80% of workers producing USA GDP.

    That is why NFP offers the best economics review and causes high volatility in markets!

    Find out what results to expect in trading forecast of leading FreshForex expert:

    “Leading indicators predict positive data release, which will cause US dollar growth. ADP and ISM employment indexes rose in March, that means Non farm is likely to rise. On Friday consider selling EUR/USD, GBP/USD and buying USD/JPY, USD/CAD.”

    FreshForex experts provide reliable forecasts. Monitor closely the situation on market together with Fresh Forecasts and earn on the key economic events!


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      FreshForex increases leverage by 2 times!

      Dear traders,

      We increase the highest leverage to 1:2000 for Classic MetaTrader 5 accounts!

      We would like to remind you that the highest leverage for Classic MT4 accounts is 1:1000, and for Market Pro MT4 and ECN MT4/MT5 accounts is 1:500.

      What are the benefits of high leverage?

      You can trade expensive instruments with small initial deposit;
      Increase deposit several times in a short period of time;
      Keep more free funds on the account for maintaining high margin level;
      Simultaneously open several trades on different trading instruments.

      Let's calculate!

      - With leverage 1:500 for one-lot EURUSD trade you need margin of 100 000 EUR / 500 = 200 EUR;
      - With leverage 1:2000 for one-lot EURUSD trade you need margin of 100 000 EUR / 2000 = 50 EUR, that is 4 times lower!

      You may also use trader calculator to calculate margin for needed instrument.

      Please note, leverage 1:2000 is available for accounts with balance not exceeding $1000. If your balance is higher, leverage will be decreased automatically in accordance with paragraph 4.5.3 of Regulations for trading operations.

      Trading Results and Volatile American Indices

      Dear traders,

      We would like to share March trading results of our clients. Check out FreshForex report about the best trades and the most interesting instruments and set your own records!

      Clients' Results

      $3 552.13 is the most profitable March trade! It was long EURUSD position of 8 lots, order was in market for about 3 hours.

      893.16% is the biggest increase in funds in a month, the client achieved such a result by trading EURUSD, USDCAD and gold.

      The most active trader made 2260 trades this month! The client traded small amounts of currency pairs, metals and oil without using Expert Advisors!

      $101 218 is the best total trading result of March! The client traded cross currencies.

      61% of all the March trades were profitable.

      More than 55% of clients with deposits larger than $5 000 closed this month with profit.

      March most Interesting Instruments

      USDTRY and EURTRY – from the beginning of the year these currency pairs are in uptrend. ADX indicator gave Buy signals almost every trading day. In March EURTRY trade of 4.06 lots could have brought profit of $25 238, and USDTRY trade of 5 lots – $19 742.

      BTC – Bitcoin is still a great trending instrument. ADX Indicator showed downtrend in March. Traders, who followed ADX, got large profit.

      Brent – in the first spring month Brent price increased by 7.3%. Saudi Arabia urges OPEC to extend oil supply cuts agreement till the end of 2019. Saudis need high hydrocarbons prices, as they will offer IPO Saudi Aramco this Summer. In March Brent trade of 3.61 lots could have brought $17 388.

      S&P500 and DJ30 – in March these indexes were highly volatile, as Donald Trump declared trade war to China. In April China responded with reactive measures. That means we are likely to see new volatility surge. DJ30 trade of 1.03 lots could have brought profit of $9 893, and S&P500 trade of 1.89 lots – $7 514.


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        No Deposit Bonus $2018 is over!

        Dear traders,

        Please be informed that popular No Deposit Bonus Golden Ticket $2018 ends on April 3rd, 2018!

        That means, new participants cannot apply for the bonus. Those who got the bonus $2018 before April 3rd can use it in trading and fix the profit in accordance with bonus terms.

        If you haven't tried No Deposit Bonus $2018, don''t worry. Soon FreshForex launches new beneficial offer, follow the news!


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          FreshForex: 1 Bitcoin to every new client!

          Dear traders,

          Check out execution speed and comfort of trading on the real account with new FreshForex No Deposit Bonus. It's safe and reliable, and the greatest thing is – we give you money for trading!

          To test our trading environment on real account and to get 1 Bitcoin, open MetaTrader 4 account in MBT (milli Bitcoins) currency.

          We offer only the best conditions to our clients:

          record bonus amount of 1 Bitcoin (~$6500-7000 considering Bitcoin exchange rate);
          no personal data verification required;
          all the trading instruments available for testing;
          earned profit is available for withdrawing provided that all the bonus rules are complied with.

          For more information check out our website.

          Please note that bonus is available to new clients only.

          Hurry up to get the bonus till May 15th, 2018 and start your journey to financial success on Forex!


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            Trade Bitcoin without Entering Trading Platform!

            Dear traders,

            Cryptocurrency market is gradually recovering, and investors are optimistic, that's why bitcoin trading is still popular.

            We keep improving conditions for cryptocurrency trading and glad to offer new opportunities: now you can trade bitcoin via virtual trading assistant Telegram Easy bot!

            Check out up-to-date bitcoin exchange rate in Telegram

            Bot provides all the information you need for prompt and deliberate trading. No need to examine and analyze complicated charts — up-to-date exchange rates are displayed in digital form.

            Trade bitcoin without entering trading platform

            Open Bitcoin trades via Telegram within seconds! To do so, in Easy Bot menu choose "Trade" > "Opening", choose BTC and needed volume, then click on "Buy" or "Sell".

            You can also try fast trading with no risk to your own funds with FreshForex Easy Demo Bot!


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              FreshForex launches Bitcoin trading on weekends!

              Dear clients,

              Bitcoin trading is now available on the weekends!

              If you look at the Bitcoin chart, you'll see that intensive price movements often happen on weekends. To offer more opportunities for earning, we've launched bitcoin trading 24/7.

              We would like to remind you, that we offer one of the most beneficial conditions for cryptocurrency trading:

              Bitcoin is available on all the real and demo FreshForex accounts;
              you can fund account with bitcoins without commission for deposit;
              low margin requirements: only 1%;
              narrow floating spread.

              Besides, on weekends swap is not charged for Bitcoin trading!

              Don't have enough time to trade bitcoin on weekdays? Now you have a chance to earn more on the weekends!


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                Swap-Free Bitcoin trade at the weekend!

                Dear Clients!

                FreshForex not only initiates Bitcoin trading at the weekend but also does not charge BTC swaps Saturdays and Sundays!

                Our offer allows to avoid fund losses and trade with even greater profits.

                Cryptocurrency trading with double confidence

                You do not have to calculate swap amount and worry about moving the positions anymore.

                You can safely trade bitcoin weekends swap-free.

                Use your funds more efficiently

                You can use the money saved on swap-free weekends to open new positions or maintain a margin.

                Consider this: strongest movements of Bitcoin cryptocurrency ususally happen at the weekend! Now you have more reasons to look forward for your days off!


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                  Nonfarm Payrolls: trading signals!

                  Dear traders,

                  On May 4th at 12.30 noon GMT April Nonfarm Payrolls is to be released.

                  NFP shows changes in employment in USA. Forex reaction after NFP can be very strong, that is why NFP offers the best economics review and causes high volatility in markets!

                  Find out what results to expect in trading forecast of leading FreshForex expert:

                  “ISM Manufacturing and Non-Manufacturing Employment Indexes show that report will comply with consensus. That means no support for US dollar, as traders need stronger statistics. The market came to terms with the fact that Fed doesn't want another three rate hikes this year - for US dollar it's a signal for decline. On Friday consider buying EURUSD, GBPUSD, XAUUSD and selling USD/CAD.”

                  FreshForex experts provide reliable forecasts. Monitor closely the situation on market together with Fresh Forecasts and earn on the key economic events!

                  Always at hand: MetaTrader 5 for your browser and mobile devices

                  Dear clients,

                  Meet browser and mobile versions of the most popular the MetaTrader 5 trading platform. Now you can trade from any tablet, phone, laptop or computer!

                  Remember that missed chance due to lack of easy and fast access to the trading terminal? That will not happen again, thanks to the browser and mobile versions of the MT5 platform. Just install the trading terminal on your tablet and smartphone or run in your browser, and your finances are under control.

                  MetaTrader5 browser version offers:

                  access from any Windows, MacOS or Linux laptop
                  all the basic functions of the desktop MetaTrader 5 in your favorite browser
                  advanced security: all outgoing data is encrypted and two-factor authentication if desired

                  Mobile versions of the MetaTrader5 platform are free MetaTrader 5 apps for iPhone, iPad or Android. Now in your pocket:

                  trading operations, placing pending orders, and setting the levels for Stop Loss and Take Profit
                  one-touch trade directly from the chart
                  quotations of currency pairs and exchange instruments with 30 built-in indicators and 24 analytical objects

                  Nothing will stop you from making a good deal!


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                    Save MetaTrader Passwords before Windows 10 Update

                    Dear clients,

                    We recommend all Windows 10 users to read the following information.

                    On April 30 Microsoft launched Windows 10 April 2018 Update, that will fully update Windows version and change its encryption keys.

                    After this update, you may need to re-enter the passwords to the trading accounts of MetaTrader platform. That's why we recommend you to save all the passwords in advance to be able to access MetaTrader platfrom after the update.

                    Apart from reset of saved passwords, change of encryption key shall mean that one activation of the applications bought in MQL5 Market will be used. MetaQuotes company has added additional activation to all bought products. Demo versions can be easily downloaded from the Market again. Therefore, users are not to lose their activation after Windows 10 April 2018 Update.

                    FreshForex Trading Signals: Bank of England Meeting

                    Dear traders,

                    this Thursday, on May 10th at 11am GMT Bank of England meeting will be held to make decision on interest rate.

                    Bank of England is the central bank of the United Kingdom, which sets key interest rates for financial markets of the country and influences monetary policy of the Kingdom.

                    FreshForex analyst tells what to expect from this meeting:

                    "Bank of England (BoE) will leave the interest rate unchanged but may declare rate hike of 0.25% in autumn. Employment and energy prices in Great Britain are rising, which is likely to cause high inflation growth in summer, and BoE will raise interest rate to fight the inflation. On Thursday consider buying GBP/JPY, GBPUSD and selling EUR/GBP."

                    Monitor closely the situation on market together with FreshForecasts and earn on the key economic events!


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                      Dear traders,

                      We would like to share March trading results of our clients. Check out FreshForex report about the best trades and the most interesting instruments and set your own records!

                      Clients' Results

                      $4,173.50 is the most profitable transaction in April! This is a short EURUSD position of 5 lots, the order was in the market for over 24 hours.

                      817.59% is the biggest increase in funds for the month. The client managed to achieve such growth trading EURUSD, GBPUSD, and BRENT oil.

                      2195 transactions per month were made by the most active client, trading gold and major currency pairs manually from a mobile device.

                      $104,969 is the best trading result of April! The trader used major pairs, BTC and Sberbank shares.

                      63% of all April trades turned out to be profitable.

                      30% of clients with a $1000+ deposit closed the month with a profit.

                      April Most Interesting Tools

                      USD/ZAR and USD/SEK - traders using the ADX trend strength indicator could not pass by currency pairs that showed a strong uptrend in April. Last month, you could have earned $25,003 and $23,394 respectively from of 5.0 lot trades.

                      BTC is still a good trend tool. By the end of April, it showed an increase of 34.1%. Divergences on the RSI and MACD oscillators on the daily chart in early April indicated the development of an uptrend.

                      FTSE100 - this leading index of the British Stock Exchange showed the fastest growth because the Bank of England will not raise interest rates on May, 10, which was a positive signal for the stock market. In April, it was possible to earn $18,048 from a 2.42 lot trade.

                      Brent oil renewed a three-year high against the backdrop of geopolitical tensions in the Middle East. In April, you could have earn $17,499 from a 3.35 lot BRENT trade.

                      FreshForex: the most profitable index of the month!

                      *All the profit is counted for a trade with margin of $1 000.

                      For more information about volatile trading instruments of the month check out our Forex Heatmap!


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                        FreshForex: Funds withdrawal in bitcoins

                        Dear traders!

                        You can use your Bitcoin wallet not only for depositing the account, but also for funds withdrawal from your trading account using MBT (Millibitcoins).

                        Information about the withdrawal method:

                        The transaction currency is BTC.
                        The minimum withdrawal amount is only 0,001 BTC.
                        The commission fee for funds withdrawal is only 1% of the withdrawal amount (minimum 0,0001 BTC).

                        As with any other way of withdrawing funds from a FreshForex account, the mechanism is extremely simple and secure: you just need to create a withdrawal request and confirm it with a one-time sms password. You can learn more detailed information about funds withdrawal in the Deposit and Withdrawal section.

                        We wish you successful trade!

                        Changes in the Regulations for trading operations

                        Dear clients!

                        Let us inform you that from May 21, 2018 the changes in the "Regulations for trading operations" will come into force:

                        Changed paragraphs: 3.7, 3.16, 4.4, 9.1.5, 9.3.6
                        Added paragraphs: 4.5.4, 9.1.6, 9.2.5, 9.2.6

                        Check "Documents" section of our website to find a new version of the document.

                        FreshForex: Changes in the trading schedule on May 21 and May 22

                        Dear Clients!

                        On May 21 and May 22 Pentecost and Buddha's Birthday are celebrated, for this reason there will be changes in trading hours:

                        May 21, 2018, will be closed trading on CFD on the index #DAX30.

                        May 22, 2018, will be closed trading on CFD on the index #HSI.

                        Please consider this information when planning your work with financial markets.

                        Since May 23, 2018, trading returns to regular hours.


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                          Dear clients!

                          FreshForex is here to give you HUGE Deposit Bonus 101%!

                          Deposit Bonus 101% is one of the best offers on the market.

                          What are the profits?

                          We give you a 101% bonus for the first-time deposit of $500 or larger amount. For example, if you deposit $1000, together with bonus funds you'll get $2010 to the account!
                          You will also get a 30% bonus for EACH deposit over 100%. If your original sum is $100 together with the bonus it is $130.
                          Besides, you can get bonus UNLIMITED number of times. Maximum bonus amount is $5,000.
                          Bonus helps you to support the account in time of drawdowns, and you can freely withdraw the profits you have earned using the bonus!
                          Fund account without commission for deposit use all the benefits of FreshForex Deposit Bonus 101%!


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                            Tame the trend with our heatmap

                            Dear customers!

                            This May is giving us not only nice weather, but also new opportunities for earning money in financial markets.

                            In this regard, we would like to remind you of the best tool for rapid market analysis - Forex Heatmap.

                            Let's play with some examples of how you can use it as efficiently as possible.

                            On the map you can clearly see the following stable trends:

                            1. Turkish lira and Mexican peso are significantly losing against the US dollar. The indicator shows a clear inflation of these currencies since early May. You can see the trend and its the confirmation on the charts for yourself in the trading platforms. The population's income have suffered, but at the same time it is a fighting chance to make some profits thanks to a steady trend.

                            2. Brent oil Is back in the saddle and shows a steady growth - the bulls are winning. The graphs in the tarding platforms clearly show the same trend for the second month in a row, and the global growth trend has formed in the middle of last year. Now is the right time to buy before there is a change in the trend!

                            3. Conclusions about the correct decision regarding EURUSD are quite obvious, just look at the indicator and check the situation on the charts in the trading platforms.

                            Of course, the trend reflected in our Heatmap is not a 100% guarantee of success as the market often changes. Moreover, you need to carefully evaluate the load on the deposit, correctly calculate and set the stop-loss and take-profit.

                            However, we are sure: in order to take advantage of fluctuations in the market, it is enough to study the situation on the market with the help of our Heatmap and analyze our resources. Remember: trend is your friend! Reasonable trading in a volatile situation will definately be profitable but trading in the flat can permanently deprive you of the possible profits.


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                              New privacy and data protection policy

                              Dear clients,

                              On May 25th, 2018 the new General Data Protection Regulation comes into effect. The purpose of the Regulation is to make measures aimed at personal data protection more transparent and comprehensible.

                              We are closely following any changes in legislative initiatives and take privacy and protection of our clients' data seriously.

                              Please look closely at our Security Policy.

                              Key points of the company policy:

                              The company is fully aware that provision of safety of clients' personal and financial information is of high priority;
                              The company uses SSL certificate that allows to provide maximum security of transferred personal data;
                              Any personal information that you provide to us is kept confidential;
                              The company does not disclose personal data to any third party, except business partners and service providers for the purpose of rendering the services that you request;
                              In case if you no longer wish to receive advertisement materials, you can at any time unsubscribe using the instructions provided in every letter;
                              We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.

                              If for some reason you don't agree with our regulations or have any questions regarding the Security Policy, don't hesitate to contact us by email

                              Thank you for your trust!

                              FreshForex - the company that values safety of clients' data.