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    FreshForex: Cashback per every lot of your trades

    Dear Clients!

    Forget about spreading with FreshForex: trade as much as you want and we will refund up to 100% of your spreads via cashback!

    What is so special about Cashback from FreshForex?

    The highest rates for cashback in the market - we return up to $20 of the spread per trading lot;
    Cashback is credited with REAL money which you can withdraw at any time;
    Payments several times a month: your cashback is calculated based on the results of each week;
    3 schemes for calculating the cashback which you can choose depending on your trading style;
    You can monitor the cache in the Client Area.

    Dare to experiment: you can change the charging schedule every week and you use saved funds for trading or withdraw from your account without any restrictions!


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      May results: we saw a deal bringing $9219.80!

      Dear traders,

      We have prepared for you the results of FreshForex trading for the last spring month.

      Typically, May is characterized by a decline in the trade volume which continues throughout the whole summer. However, FreshForex customers do not stop pleasing and surprising us with their achievements.

      The most active client made 2,866 transactions within a month. He traded manually and preferred the major pairs.
      The largest increase of 1167.21% was brought by trade in cross-rates.
      $135,053 is the best result of the month. The client traded in majors (EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCAD) and cross-rates.
      The most profitable transaction brought $9219.80: a long EURUSD trade of 12 lots was in the market for more than a day.
      30% of customers with a $3,000+ deposit closed the month with benefits.
      63% of transactions turned out to be profitable.

      And what was the general situation in the market last month?

      BTC lost 18% in May. ADX trend indicator hinted at a downtrend for most of the month, which eventually happened.
      BRENT has been a stable uptrend for the past three months. In May, oil reached its peak since November 2014, and for a deal of 3.21 lots you could have earned $10,351.
      Turkish lira and Mexican peso became the main outsiders of May - traders actively used USDTRY and USDMXN because of geopolitics. You could have earned $52,767 from a 5 lots deal with Turkish currency and $31,775 for the same amount of peso.
      NQ100 in May increased by 5.5%, and it was possible to get $14,008 for a deal of 1.79 lots. The dynamics is positive thanks to Apple which announced the release of new gadgets. It should be noted that its shares rose in price by 12.9% in May.

      May results: we saw a deal bringing $9219.80!

      *All the profit is counted for a trade with a guarantee of $1 000.

      Our Forex Heatmap will help you learn about trading tools and choose the most profitable ones!


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        Changes in trading hours for June 11th and 12th

        Dear Clients,

        Please be informed that due to Queen's Birthday in Australia on June 11th and Russia Day celebrations on June 12th there will be the following changes in trading hours:

        On June 11th CFD trading on #ASX index opens at 10:10am trade server time (GMT+2 in winter, GMT+3 in summer).

        Besides, on June 11th and 12th trading on Russian stocks (MICEX) is closed.

        Please consider this information, when planning trading on financial markets.

        Company reserves the right to suspend the trades if the asset liquidity decreases.

        Starting from June 13th, 2018 trading returns to regular hours.


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          Fed rate hike: trading signals

          Dear traders,

          the FOMC (Federal Open Market Committee) holds eight regularly scheduled meetings during the year and announces US Federal Reserve’s decision on interest rates.

          The next Fed interest rate decision announcement is scheduled on this Wednesday, June 13th at 6pm GMT and is likely to cause high volatility on market.

          Leading FreshForex analyst has commented on it as follows:

          "May inflation in USA reached the rate of 2.8%, which is the highest since March 2012. This is highly likely to make Fed to raise the rate by 0,25% — Chicago Futures Exchange indicates 98% possibility of this happening. This exchange has never been wrong before. For this reason, emerging markets currencies will be on sale. On Wednesday consider buying USDZAR, USDPLN, USDILS, USDMXN."

          Monitor closely the situation on market together with Fresh Forecasts and earn on the key economic events!


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            Don't miss ECB Press Conference!

            Dear traders,

            European Central Bank (ECB) conducts monthly press conferences. Market participants always wait for this event with great interest because it frequently causes high volatility.

            This month ECB press conference will be held on June 14th at 12.30 noon GMT. Leading FreshForex analyst Catherine Main tells what to expect from the conference:

            “The market waits for ECB to leave the interest rate unchanged and to start winding down quantitative easing (QE) by 10 billion euro. That's a positive signal for euro. On Thursday consider buying EUR/GBP, EUR/JPY, EUR/CHF.”

            FreshForex experts provide reliable forecasts. Monitor closely the situation on market together with FreshForecasts and earn on the key economic events!

            FreshForex: changes in trading hours for #HSI on June 18th

            Dear Clients,

            Please be informed that due to Dragon Boat Festival on June 18th CFD trading for Hong Kong stock index (#HSI) will be closed.

            Please consider this information, when planning trading on financial markets.

            Starting from June 19th, 2018 trading returns to regular hours.


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              New promising cryptocurrencies are available in platform!

              Dear clients,

              FreshForex launches three new cryptocurrencies for trading: Ripple, Ethereum and LeviarCoin!

              The cryptocurrencies are available for all the FreshForex accounts and trading platforms on favorable terms with margin requirements from 1% and low floating spread.

              CFD Ripple vs USD

              Ripple was created in 2012. Now this cryptocurrency has third highest capitalization rate with daily turnover of about 200 million US dollars. In trading platform it's referred to as XRPUSD.

              CFD Ethereum vs USD

              Ethereum turns 3 years old in 2018. In 2017 it grew from $10 to $1200! In trading platform it's referred to as ETHUSD.

              CFD LeviarCoin vs USD

              Capitalization of this young cryptocurrency is $904 761. Current price is only $0.547! Bitcoin once started its way up from the same rate. In trading platform it's referred to as XLCUSD.

              Missed Bitcoin rally? Get profit by trading other cryptocurrencies with FreshForex!